Convert your business workflows into simple Bot conversations.

Build & Deploy enterprise grade bots with just drag-n-drop.

One Bot. Many User Experiences.

Authorise your customers or employees & Customize their interactions.

Build Bots that directly talk to your Database.

Bye Bye Webhooks and API calls.

Know your Visitors/Users better.

Our bots use Facebook to auto-login.

Botify your Websites & private Web Apps

<script type="text/javascript">
window.EXPRESSbase_APP_ID = 13;
(function () {
d = document;
s = d.createElement("script");
s.src = "/js/ChatBot/ebbot-ext.js";
s.async = 1;
d.ebbotName = "Live ChatBot";
d.ebbotThemeColor = "#31d031";

Add a few lines of JavaScript to your HTML page and Voila. Embed as many bots as you want in a website or web app, with completely different look & feel and purpose.

For eg: You could use a general bot in Landing page or a support bot in a support section.


EXPRESSbots & Your Apps cohabit

For seamless integration of your apps and EXPRESSbots, you can connect your existing database. It’s you who decides what data bots have access to. If you don’t have a database, we setup an exclusive one for you in our infrastructure.

For eg., a restaurant bot takes order from the customer, and their legacy app does the rest.

Authorize & Customize User interactions

Users assigned to different roles* gain access to completely different user experiences, even anonymous users/potential customers. Users don’t login, bots use Facebook to identify/authenticate them.

For eg: In a Sales bot, existing customers can track the status of previous transactions and prospective customers get to see promotional content.

*We use Role Based Access Control, a NIST standard for app security.

Powerful UI controls & Integrations

Rich UI controls form magnificent user experiences. You can add Tables, Charts, Image/File Upload, date-time, cards menu, Google maps or even shopping carts to bot interactions.

For eg: In a logistics bot, users get to track their consignment.

Innovative Drag-N-Drop Bot Builder

Quickly Build and Deploy complex forms by simple drag-n-drop. For advanced requirements, put your JavaScript and SQL skills into use.

For eg: While developing a bot for a service-centre, implementing the ticketing feature only takes max of 30 min.

Use your existing Database

on-premise or cloud

Connects natively with popular database systems. Currently supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. SQL Server and Oracle support under developement. If you don’t have a database, we setup an exclusive one for you in our infrastructure.


Amazon S3


Google Drive





Google Analytics

Google Maps




Built-in Security

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) standard helps you authorize users by roles. Create unlimited roles by grouping permissions or even roles.

Bob Megallen
Level 1 User Role
Salesman Role
Delivery Role
HR User
Lis Dominic
Sales Manager
HR Admin
Sales Manager Role
Salesman Role
Delivery Role
Febin Cardoz
Gen Manager
Supply Chain Mgr
Sales Mgr Role
Delivery Mgr
HR Admin

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Checkout HR Management, Order Management & Inventory Control demo apps created using
the famous Northwind sample database.


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